RobSaunders (dead_milkman) wrote,

One of those days

Damn...I got my spanish grade in...a C... I was expecting a B and while it might seem trivial the difference I actually put a bit of effort into it...Spanish consumed a lot of my time (work 8-5p spanish 5p-7+ m-th) I was taking a second web clas which started eating in my weekends but I eventually cut back my effort there to concentrate on not burning myself out and screw up spanish...

If the effort I put in can't pull a B on Spanish1...There is no way I will survive higher well let alone pull better grades.

Which puts me in a very very nasty life choice...

28k a year job
finish my degree.

I just got myself finacially independant and my mom could not really and I do NOT want to go back into dept...I "was" planning on pulling my last 30ish hours slowly during the next 2-3 years but they are important and I'm really really worried since I can't screwup my end grades (my GPA couldn't handle it...I had a very nasty start)

Sent an email off to try and talk to the proff...I seriously doubt he made a mistake but I do want to see it all together and what really hurt me ect or if he thinks I'm a B student in general and should continue; not looking at this as a mountain, but a molehill unrepresentitive of what's to come.... And I want his input as I do like him and he seems to care.

I asked Danielle her thoughts and I'm annoyed I got the usual "I don't know" I can live with that when its "What do you want for dinner" but on something this major I really need to talk it out with people before I commit so heavily to one path or the other. I wish she could see that dispite it being "My life" she is involved and I WANT her involved and to voice some opinion...even if she thinks I won't like hearing it.

bah (Not trying to take this out on her)

Just really


frazzled by it. Its been ages since I wanted to drink to forget about something.

Brant's leaving too, his last day is today infact...a newer friend but he will be missed reguardless... Tried to hide how I felt about it by kidding alot with him...still I don't want to see him go (He let his family convince him it was "best" for him)

I'll dig through my album and find "Life is Shit" or "Big Deal".
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