One of those days

Damn...I got my spanish grade in...a C... I was expecting a B and while it might seem trivial the difference I actually put a bit of effort into it...Spanish consumed a lot of my time (work 8-5p spanish 5p-7+ m-th) I was taking a second web clas which started eating in my weekends but I eventually cut back my effort there to concentrate on not burning myself out and screw up spanish...

If the effort I put in can't pull a B on Spanish1...There is no way I will survive higher well let alone pull better grades.

Which puts me in a very very nasty life choice...

28k a year job
finish my degree.

I just got myself finacially independant and my mom could not really and I do NOT want to go back into dept...I "was" planning on pulling my last 30ish hours slowly during the next 2-3 years but they are important and I'm really really worried since I can't screwup my end grades (my GPA couldn't handle it...I had a very nasty start)

Sent an email off to try and talk to the proff...I seriously doubt he made a mistake but I do want to see it all together and what really hurt me ect or if he thinks I'm a B student in general and should continue; not looking at this as a mountain, but a molehill unrepresentitive of what's to come.... And I want his input as I do like him and he seems to care.

I asked Danielle her thoughts and I'm annoyed I got the usual "I don't know" I can live with that when its "What do you want for dinner" but on something this major I really need to talk it out with people before I commit so heavily to one path or the other. I wish she could see that dispite it being "My life" she is involved and I WANT her involved and to voice some opinion...even if she thinks I won't like hearing it.

bah (Not trying to take this out on her)

Just really


frazzled by it. Its been ages since I wanted to drink to forget about something.

Brant's leaving too, his last day is today infact...a newer friend but he will be missed reguardless... Tried to hide how I felt about it by kidding alot with him...still I don't want to see him go (He let his family convince him it was "best" for him)

I'll dig through my album and find "Life is Shit" or "Big Deal".

Lets see if anyone reads my Journal ;)

Well a couple of weeks ago we got a PS2 slim...
Got GTA, FFX, KingdomHearts, Maximo, Viewtiful Joe, La Pucelle: Tactics, Front Misson 4

Now the acheing question is what other games should I get for it ;)

Notes: I don't like FPS console games.... I rarely FPS and when I do its with friends I like dying horribly to.
My favorites are good party games, good RPG/strat, good platformers with a decent difficulty setting.
(occasionally Fighting/Puzzle, Ex: I liked the StreetFighter/Soul Calibur series but hated MortalKombat/Tekken)

Kerry condeds...

In the "Well that was quick" category...

CNN and DailyKos (Heavily Democratic blog) are announcing Kerry is calling Busy right now to concede.

4 More years of Bush...

I had a good one today...

Today I had a good one when someone was arguing how when Clinton and Bush took simular action Clinton was praised and Bush was reviled..

near then end I summed up both men quite well as follows:

Clinton has the personal morale of a jackass, but he respected others who disagreed.

Bush has the personal morale of a saint, but he does not respect any opinion other than his own administrations.

Twice the fun of a single post!

oh look, its time to post I can keep my once every 2-3month count going ^_-

First up, for those of you unlucky enough to have never traveled with me...I like to drive...and boy do I ever drive when I go on trips :)

Every single one of those states has been visited without use of a plane :)

My brother of course one upped me years ago by going from Pacific to Atlantic via only a bycycle built for two (his wife)

I'm still trying to think of a way to keep up with him without using his idea...

And part two...While I admit I would USUALLY not bother to mention such scripted speakes, the Democratic National Convention Speaches are available freely online via iTunes Music Store, however I am making an exception...go listen to Day three...inparticular Rev Al Sharpton's. Lets just say he didn't use the telepromptor and was just a wee tad bit over his timelimit...whether you agree or not with his topics is up to least its someone who still has a heart/soul and therefore I believe at LEAST deserves to be heard.

Part 2 Also available on the freebie iTunes list is the 9/11 Commision's Final Report - Executive Summary (1hour long)


Anyone wanna Gmail some invites and I'd rather give em away then go greedy on ebay. First come first served when I'm out, sorry.